can one of you take me to the library?


I was talking to a friend of mine about the decreasing interest in reading (specifically in youth) and she showed me this link. I don’t watch “The Middle”, but this clip is relevant to the things I’ve written about and is fairly funny. Though it puts a humorous spin on an ever-“progressing” and frightening reality, I thought it would be interesting to share.


2 thoughts on “can one of you take me to the library?

  1. I got the following comment on my Facebook feed from this post and wanted to share it along with a little more information I found:

    “Library usage is actually increasing, and OPL had something like 70,000 people participate in the Summer Reading program last year.”

    The post was really more about reading in general and not necessarily library usage, but after I saw this comment, I did a little digging. Based on a report from the American Library Association ( this person is correct, but many people are going to libraries to internet use or for unemployment resources. I think it’s great that the libraries make these tools available to everyone, but my bigger concern is reading/researching for fun, and also the fact that physical literature is being eclipsed by online resources. I understand why it’s happening, but there are ramifications despite the conveniences. I don’t think the progress into digital will stop or even slow, but I think we just need to be aware of what it is doing (psychologically, socially, etc). The information about the OPL reading program is awesome! It looks like their participation increased by 4.15% (, which is really great. Omaha is obviously doing something right:)

    • Also, here are a few statistics I pulled from the report (that were the basis of a statement I made above):

      • 41% of respondents, representing more than 62 million Americans, cited education (homework
      or to take a class) as the number one purpose [of going to the library].
      • 17% of respondents (representing about 26 million Americans) visited their public library to use
      a computer, and 11 percent (representing almost 17 million people) to write a paper or prepare a résumé.

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