mea: crossroads of the word


“At this juncture in the history of human civilization, in which people speak of a ‘post-literate culture,’  after media ecologist Walter Ong, S. J., subtitled his book Orality and Literacy ‘The Technologizing of the Word,‘ and media ecologist Jacques Ellul wrote The Humiliation of the Word, we can perhaps say that we stand at a ‘Crossroads of the Word.'” – Media Ecology Association

The Thirteenth Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association is happening in New York this year and I really want to go. There isn’t much information on what will be presented as the last update was a call for papers, but the above description and the more detailed version on the site is enough to whet my media ecology appetite. As the internet continues to “shrink” our globe, questions about changes in communication are inevitable. But of course the information I’m most intrigued by will “address our digital age and future, the possibility that we are living through the incunabula of a digital revolution, and what all of this might mean for the future and the conservation of the word.”

It’s too bad this isn’t happening sooner, because I’m writing a literature review this semester about digital technology’s impact on society and I’m sure this would have provided fantastic resources. But I’d still love to attend!


4 thoughts on “mea: crossroads of the word

  1. I encourage you to attend the MEA conference in NYC in June. It’s a small conference as these things go (they call it a convention), probably 100 to 150 people, but it’s the best conference I’ve ever attended: friendly, academically stimulating, very relevant. I will be there…….AlexK

  2. Bob – I follow your blog and have read bits and pieces of the novel; congrats on the publishing! I hope I’m able to come so I can hear more about it. I wasn’t aware that you had a companion blog. I’m reading it now!

  3. Alex – Fantastic! Thanks for the information. A friend and I are looking into travel now, so I hope it works out! It sounds like a great experience. When do they typically post information about what will be presented?

    Also, are you local or do you have to travel to NYC? Any recommendations on hotels or places to stay?

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