stop what you are doing and read this


[Stop What You Are Doing and Read This is] a mission statement about the transformative power of reading; about the way it inspires us, the tangible impact it can have on our well-being, the importance it holds for us now and will continue to hold in the future.” — Vintage Books

Nicholas Carr (author of The Shallows and his blog Rough Type) and ten other authors produced essays that came together to form this book about the benefits of reading. The synopsis gives an overview of why the pace and content of novels and poetry are important for our growth and development, and the fact that the book addresses reading through the perspectives of “passionate advocates from the worlds of science, publishing, technology and social enterprise” makes it more enticing. Since it has come up so frequently in my reading lately, I keep reminding myself that reading is still a form of entertainment, though it is so different from digital technology and current trends in its functionality, speed, accessibility, etc. Needless to say, I hope to acquire and read this book!


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