classes for free? sign me up.


So I was snooping around some of our learning opportunities at IBM and found a portal of a plethora of online learning tools (most of which are open to the public). Down the rabbit hole I went. After quite a bit of perusing, I found multiple summer classes available that looked credible, interesting and relate to what I hope to study in a doctoral program someday. It’s entirely free, and for most of them you get a certificate at the end (if you get an 80% or above, usually). Here are the classes I’ve enrolled in:

Machine Learning, Stanford University
Started June 16th (but still open enrollment for a couple weeks)

Introduction to Neuroeconomics: how the brain makes decisions, National Research University
Started June 23

Human-Computer Interaction, UC of San Diego
Starts June 30

Introduction to Communication Science, University of Amsterdam
Starts July 2

Technology Entrepreneurship, Stanford University
Starts July 13

Based on the hours/week each of these lists, I think I’m being excessively ambitious…but we’ll see. One that I decided to drop was actually all about open-knowledge learning–I find the whole concept really interesting. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll post relevant information from the courses as I learn more.